Yes you read that title correctly! You can’t be frugal and not see the advantage of thrift store shopping. I absolutely love our two local Goodwill stores! Today I scored a Rae Dunn by Magenta mug for $.89! These are numbered and are rare and are reselling for about $35! Whoop whoop!

My list of reasons you should thrift store shop (there are many but this is my top three):

1. Save money!!! Of course that would be number one and most important! You can score designer clothes at a small fraction of the price. And, why pay full price for children’s clothes when they grow out of them so fast! Plus they have housewares, books, decorations, toys, just to name a few…

2. The money you spend at thrift stores is put back into the community. Thrift stores almost always exist to support charities!

3. It’s fun! It’s like going on a treasure hunt and the selection is always changing. There’s always something I’m looking for or that is unique every time I go!

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