Grocery Store Clearance Guide

Grocery stores markdown perishable items a day or two before they expire! And, every grocery store has a designated “markdown area“ where all of the non-perishable items (shampoo, cereal, canned goods, paper goods, drinks, etc.) are placed that are discontinued, no longer carried at the store and holiday items!  Most stores also have a bakery rack of markdowns ( Walmart’s is pictured above).  Each store has their own unique markdown sticker! I’ve memorized them all and it’s the first thing I look for when I go into a store!  First, I walk the perimeter of the store for all of the cold food markdowns. Then, I head to the nonperishable markdown section. Note, these stickers can vary but this is a general guide based on my local stores. Did you know you can freeze perishable items up to six months?!?!  I buy ahead and meal plan based on the order of expiration in our freezer! These are the clearance stickers for the grocery stores in my area. But, all grocery stores handle their markdowns in just about the same manner.

KROGER: Kroger markdowns stickers say Woo Hoo and are red and yellow! Yes, my kids walk around the store saying “mom here’s a woo hoo” when  they spot one of the stickers!

PUBLIX:  Publix markdown stickers are bright orange and say “Publix” with the markdown price. 

TARGET: Targets markdown stickers are red and white. Target tends to put all of their clearance on inside end caps in each department. 

ALDI: Aldi has two types of clearance tags. For perishables nearing expiration, they put a sticker directly on the item. All other clearance, like non-perishables, have a hangtag directly on the shelf.

Walmart: Walmart has several different clearance stickers but they are all bright yellow. 

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