Walmart Grocery Pickup

Have y’all tried Walmart grocery pickup yet?  I just tried Walmart grocery pick up in Newnan for the first time. I’ve had a friends telling me about it and I finally decided to try it. My personal shopper was Ashley and she was phenomenal. And if they are out of stock on a store brand they will substitute for the name brand at no additional cost. And everything that she picked for me had really good dates (milk, salad, etc.). Even better for this super busy mom...It was so easy! I pulled up and immediately got my order brought out to me and loaded in my trunk. Not sure why I didn’t try this sooner but it was life-changing for me so I thought I would share with you ladies. Right now they are offering $10 just to try it!  You can’t go wrong trying it out for $10 off. That’s like $10 in free groceries! Click HERE to claim your $10 and give it a try!

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