Best Acne Regimen For The Price?

Recently, I had a reader ask me if the expensive “mail order only” acne treatment is worth the money.   My answer: It’s no doubt a great regimine with three products that I used for a long time until I realized I could buy products much cheaper with the same active ingredients. If you read the ingredients of the products each step contains one main active ingredient: 

1. Salicylic Acid
2. Benzoyl peroxide
3. Moisturizer

I simply replaced them with much cheaper over-the-counter items you can buy just about anywhere. First, I scrub my face in the shower with a salicylic acid scrub. This equate scrub is my favorite and it’s only $2.97. Then, once I’m out of the shower I use a product with benzoyl peroxide. Zit Free is my fave and it’s just a little over $2.00 at Dollar General (not available online). I complete the routine with a good moisturizer. I like Neutrogena Oil Free because it contains an SPF. These are the products that work for me. Of course I am not a doctor and everybody’s skin is different so you definitely want to go with what works for your skin. Let me know if you try the products I use and if they worked for you! Happy Nickel Nabbing!

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