Just For Fun

Have you taken advantage of curbside to go during this pandemic? We generally don’t eat out often because with so many kids it’s more cost effective to eat at home. We just choose to spend that money going and doing with our kids versus spending it on restaurants. We have kiddos aged from nineteen in college all the way down to completely started over. We are a blended family with his, mine and ours! While life for us is busy, we enjoy date nights often. We are blessed with great babysitters. We made our way out this past Saturday to Cheesecake Factory for a to go order! Yes, the cheesecake was FREE (promo code FREESLICE). We opened the sunroof on the car and enjoyed our meal curbside! And if you haven’t had Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake you must!!! It’s absolutely the best cheesecake ever!

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