Just For Fun

Have you tried Geocaching? I’ve heard about it for years but never tried it until recently. My husband and I are addicted! And it’s the perfect activity for getting out of the house while still social distancing. It’s a pretty simple concept really. Just download the Geocaching app. The app will show you nearby hidden geocaches.  Click on a specific geocache and it will navigate you in the area that a geocache is hidden. It’s usually hidden in something enclosed to prevent it from getting weathered. We have found them in magnetic key holder attached to metal drain pipe or on metal park benches. We’ve also found them in plastic tubes hidden in or on trees. And if you get stuck you can always choose to get a hint to help you locate it. Each Geocache is different but they all have a log to sign and date. Some Geocachers will have little trinkets…a take one give one type of system. Give it a try. It’s FREE and it’s fun!

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