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With the COVID pandemic many stores discontinued accepting paper coupons to limit contact. Paper coupons were already becoming a thing of the past with rebate (cashback) coupons and digital coupons replacing them more and more. According to ibotta only 1% of paper coupons are actually redeemed. Online cashback and digital coupon redemption is anticipated to reach $91 billion dollars by 2022.  What are cash back apps?  They give you cash back for many in store grocery purchases.  It’s kind of like newspaper coupons without all of the paper clipping!

What are the best apps to put on your phone for cashback on everyday grocery purchases including detergent, food, bath tissue and household cleaners? Different apps offer different cashback offers on different brands and purchases. Therefore, it’s important to have several apps.  These are my favorites:

I love ibotta because it’s so easy and offer cashback on many household items you already purchase (often on brands like Charmin, Kelloggs and Hormel just to name a few).  Just download the app. Then select the items to purchase, go shopping and redeem. Additionally you can click through the app when you make online purchases and you can earn cashback on many items you already buy online (Walmart, Best Buy, Groupon, Dominos Pizza, etc.). It’s that simple!  And, right now they are offering a $20 welcome bonus for joining when you enter code smfxnuq. That’s like getting $20 for free! Just enter code smfxnuq when registering to get your $20 credit. Click Here to get started!

Checkout 51
Like Ibotta, Checkout 51 offers cashback on different brands for grocery, health, beauty and household items you already purchase in store.  Even better save at the pump! This app also offers cashback on your fuel purchases at major gasoline retailers like Chevron, Exxon, Mobile, Shell and BP.   Click HERE to get started!

Shopkick is a little different than the other apps because you earn “kicks“ or points that can be redeemed for gift cards places like Starbucks, Target and Walmart  Earning kicks is very easy and you don’t have to purchase anything to earn them. You can earn kicks just for walking into stores you are already shopping at.... Just open the app while in the store. You can also earn kicks by scanning select items inside the store. But, even better, if you do purchase the item you earn additional kicks. Right now you can get 250 kicks just joining when you enter code MALL740195 during registration! Click HERE to get started!

Fetch Rewards
Like a Shopkick, with Fetch Rewards you earn points.   Just scan your receipt and it does the work for you finding your points on over a thousand brands. Right now they are offering 2000 points just for joining when you enter code AE0YH during registration! Click HERE to get started!

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