Best Online Resale Options

Reader question....what is the best place to buy and sell pre-owned items online? The answer really depends on what you’re selling. They both offer apps for a mobile device.

If you are buying or selling fashion items (clothes, shoes, jewelry etc.), Poshmark has been the most successful for me.  It’s designed for fashion. And I love the rating system. Sellers do not receive their proceeds until the buyer accepts the item and rates the seller (buyer has 3 days after delivery to accept/rate or seller automatically gets money after three days). The buyer pays shipping. It’s a flat, preset amount and the seller doesn’t pick the amount for shipping with USPS only. Package tracking is included. The seller prints and uses the shipping label when the item sells.  The seller also gets to rate the buyer. It’s a much fairer system than eBay. If you are new to Poshmark, you will get a $10 credit if you enter code BURNTORANGE1994 when you register. Free money to get you started! Heck yeah! Click HERE to check it out. 

If buying or selling mailable household items like books, kitchen items, toys, linens etc., then I prefer Mercari.  It also has a fairer rating system than eBay. The biggest difference from Poshmark is the seller can choose to pay shipping instead of the buyer. Either way, the seller can choose from carriers USPS, UPS or FedEx with package tracking is included. Mercari also gives $10 to newly registering users. Again, FREE money! Boom! Click HERE to check it out. 

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