My Favorite Self Tanner?

Love love love my reader questions! Keep them coming! Today I am answering what is the best self tanner for the money? While I have tried some but not all of the products on the market, I can say I am infatuated with Jergens Natural Glow. Not only is it a self tanner that is gradual so you don’t have the “stained” look but it is also a fabuLESS moisturizer. Best of all, it is super affordable coming in at less than nine dollars!  I am very fair skinned so I try to be careful how much sun exposure I get.  Self tanner is definitely a better alternative to a tanning bed! Let me know if you try it and if you love it as much as I do! Click here: Jergens Natural Glow to snag some at Walmart. Happy Nickel Nabbing!

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