Upcycled Cookie Jar Share

I bought this lovely fruit cookie jar (pictured below) at the thrift store for about $5. I was with my daughter and she thought I was crazy. But I saw potential! I was so pleased with the final results I had to share with my readers! I’m not really a crafty human. So I was semi-impressed with how this turned out. This hideous 90s cookie jar is now Rae Dunn farmhouse style! I simply covered the horrible peach color and fruit design with chalk paint and added a chalkboard sticker. Thank you Hobby Lobby! I tagged those items below in the affiliate links. What do you think? I would love to see my readers creativity. Have you ever Upcycled anything? Please email me pictures at thenickelnabber@yahoo.com. I love reader emails!

Chalkboard stickers: https://bit.ly/2VOjOdF

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