Car Insurance Pandemic Relief

To help relieve some of the financial hardships many are facing, automobile insurance companies are offering discounts or refunds. Please check with your insurance company to confirm and learn the details of these discounts and refunds (most have posted the details on their websites). I’ve compiled a list below of the major insurers that have made announcements. 

*Allstate: Customers will be refunded 15% of premiums for two months. 

*American Family: They are nailing customers a check for $50 per covered vehicle.

*Farmers Insurance: April premium will be reduced by 25%.

*Geico: Policies that renew between now and October 7, 2020 will receive an automatic 15% credit. 

*Liberty Mutual: Customers will be refunded 15% of premiums for two months.

*Progressive: They are giving 20% refunds back for April and May premiums.

*Safeco: Policyholders will automatically receive a 15% refund as of April 7, 2020 either by check or by whatever form of payment used on most recent payment.

*Travelers: 15% credit to customers on April and May payments.

*USAA: Every policyholder enrolled by March 31, 2020 will receive 20% on two months of premiums.

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